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Nutraceuticals & herbal medicine

  • Food products & Dietary supplements

  • Malted beverages

  • Clinical products

  • Fruit-based products

  • Pediatric nutrition

  • Protein powders & lifestyle products

  • Multi-Vitamins & Minerals

  • Sports products

  • Natural ingredients (for hair and skin)

  • Hair products

  • Ayurvedic extracts

India is known for its traditional medicinal systems-Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani. Medical systems are found mentioned even in the ancient Vedas and other scriptures. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “science of life,” because ancient Indian system of health care focused on views of man and his illness. Ayurveda is also called the “science of longevity” because it offers a complete system to live a long healthy life. It offers programs to rejuvenate the body through diet and nutrition.


Innatura main objective is to become the leading manufacturer of nutraceuticals & herbal medicine products in the form of tablets, capsules, oral liquid, powder & raw materials by providing advanced technology tools with continuous research – entrusting for higher quality products. We are focusing on open science tools so as to offer affordable, environment-friendly and globally accepted nutraceutical products.

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