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Biopharma services

INNATURA is a first-class bio-pharmaceutical outsourcing services partner (Contract Research Organization – CRO), working with pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, medical device and cosmetic clients. We cover the early phase of drug discovery & development services of drug development thanks to a national and international network of laboratories and R&D centers and high quality services. 


INNATURA offers an extensive structural and functional analysis of biological molecules.

We offer comprehensive services including target identification pipelines (diseases aging):

  • Product Characterization (Orthogonal approach)

  • Lot release assays

  • Process and Product related impurity testing

  • Stability testing 

  • Bio-assays

  • Extractables & Leachables

  • In vivo, In vitro potency testing

  • Monoclonal and Polyclonal anti-sera production

  • Sterility testing

  • Toxicology studies

  • In vitro bio-waiver studies

  • Labeling compounds


Innatura provides Flow cytometry services of state of art multi-parameter cellular analysis for diagnostic and research samples.

Apoptosis assays:

Caspase Assay: Fluorescent Labelled Inhibitors of Caspases (FLICA), in combination with any DNA binding dye can be used to assess the cells in early apoptosis, late apoptosis, and necrosis stages.

Annexin & PI assay

Simultaneous labeling with a DNA dye like Propidium Iodide enables us to precisely enumerate early apoptosis and late apoptosis cells using Flow Cytometry.

DNA Damage:

Proteins like H2AX and PARP play a significant role in DNA damage and repair. By flowcytometry we can detect the altered proteins and enumerate the number of cells undergoing DNA damage.


DNA Analysis: 

Flow cytometric detection of micronucleus is cost-effective and large samples can be tested in a less time-consuming manner. DNA strand breaks are indicative signs of apoptotic cells and TUNEL assay can be detected by flow Cytometry in a less labor-intensive manner.

DNA microarray analysis

Micro Nuclear assay


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