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Contract R&D Synthesis

Manufacturer and enterprise specializing in R&D production including sales of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical products, small molecules, specific pharmaceutical intermediates and building blocks at any scale for drug makers. Making small molecule APIs across functional areas including peptides, carbohydrates, prostaglandins, steroids, HPAPI (Highly potent APIs), route scouting, impurities, labeling compounds, chiral building blocks, and fluorescent molecules and other biologically active molecules are what innatura focuses on. We can synthesize a wide variety of fine chemicals and compounds for small molecule drug discovery from milligram to multi-kilo scale.

Route Scouting

Our route scouting team offers services for  

  • API Projects

  • Commercial API Projects

  • Discovery Projects 

  • Early Phase Development Projects 

  • Late Phase Development Projects

Process Development

Innatura Team offer: 

  • Early phase process development.  

  • Late phase process development.  

  • Commercial scale process development.  

  • API process development.  

  • Life cycle management.


Process development plays a vital role in the manufacture of APIs (NCEs and generic).

Process Studies Include – Synthetic route scouting (Identify problems, non-compatible sequence, and feasibility) - Discovery and development of new process methodologies (new synthetic routes & optimization) - Impurity synthesis & characterization - Analytical Development - Technology transfer and process justification document. 


Our team is composed of highly motivated scientists who trained at prestigious universities across the world. Our experienced team can perform a wide range of chemistry services such as:

  • Asymmetric synthesis

  • Organometallic chemistry

  • Metal mediated transformations

  • Nucleotide chemistry

  • Macrocyclic compounds

  • Fluorine and boron chemistry

  • Visible light chemistry

  • Electrochemical reactions

  • High-pressure reactions

  • Cryogenic reactions


FTE Services


FTE service protocol

  • Send you are project requirements at

  • We will arrange a dedicated research team to achieve your research goals

  • You will get on-time project updates, reports, meetings

  • Final report and product delivery


Code of conduct


  • We will take comprehensive measures to safeguard and ensure the confidentiality of all projects.

  • We do not accept any contracts that would affect or conflict current work in hand of our clients.

  • We will not sell any products that came from contractual research without client consent.

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