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Innatura Contract Options 

At Innatura, we understand that R&D is the lifeblood of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. That's why we offer a wide range of contract R&D services to help our customers accelerate their drug discovery and development programs.

Fixed Bid Contract

  • A fixed quote price is provided for the project. This is payable only upon project completion.

  • Intellectual property (IP) ownership depends on the agreement.


Time and Materials (T&M) Contract

  • Here initial estimated quote for the labor and materials is provided but the client pays only for costs spent on time and materials.

  • All IP is owned by the client.


Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Contract

  • The client may retain one or more of Innatura chemicals's scientists to work on the designated projects full-time. The client is invoiced periodically (on a mutually agreed schedule) for the contracted amount. This also includes the cost of materials.

  • All IP is owned by the client. The advantages of this type of contract are reliable capability, flexibility, and efficiency.


Joint Venture Contract

  • Innatura also offers joint venture contracts where both parties share the burden of the research and development. All IP is shared by both parties.


The Company Will Undertake

  • Process and yield improvement to achieve economic or commercially acceptable levels of a desired substance

  • The development of new routes to a needed compound

  • Research to discover methods of synthesis for a new or required compound

  • The synthesis of compounds that require multi-step processes (5-15 steps)

      Consultation services both on- and off-site.

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