FISH probes & labeling compounds

Star*FISH paint system from Cambio is highly chromosome-specific and provides good, even coverage of the chromosome.

Our Pan centromeric, telomeric, and chromosome-specific centromeric paints are available labeled with FITC or biotin. The latter allows the use of any fluorochrome coupled to streptavidin.
These paints are available in concentrated form for performing multiple staining experiments. This prevents the possible reduction of signal encountered when multiple paints are applied to the same slide. These probes are supplied with separate hybridization buffer to allow optimization of each experiment.

Products include:

For Human

  • Star*FISH Human Chromosome Pan-Centromeric Probes

  • Star*FISH Human Chromosome Pan-Telomeric Probes

  • Star*FISH Human chromosome-specific centromeric Probes- Biotin Labelled

  • Star*FISH Human chromosome-specific centromeric Probes-FITC Labelled

  • Star*FISH Human Chromosome-Y Heterochromatic Probes

  • Star*FISH Primed In Situ Synthesis

For Mouse

  • Star*FISH Mouse Pan-Centromeric Probes 

  • Detection kits & Reagents

  • Human Placental DNA, intact genomic

  • Star*FISH Ancillary Products

  • Star*FISH Detection kits

  • Star*FISH Kit components 




Molecular biology- For PCR, Sequencing, SNP Genotyping, Mutagenesis, Cross linking in vitro   RNA synthesis, 5’Capping, cDNA and RNA labeling.

Structural Biology-Cell Biology -Cell cycle and proliferation, Apoptosis, EMSA, Nucleotide ligands for purinergic and pyrimidinergic receptors, bacterial second messengers, Co translational Protein labeling, Kinase signaling.

Drug discovery- antiviral nucleotides, Aptamer studies.